Sports Management Certificate Graduates In Demand: Sports Management Courses Gaining Popularity In R

The sporting industry has grown tremendously in the past decade or so; and it has shown no signs of slowing down. In response to this expansion, jobs in marketing and promotions, sports information, and student services and development have steadily increased. For professional sports, there are opportunities in event management and community relations. As such, sports management certificate holders have grown as well.

Sports management courses offer the opportunity to prepare for the application of business principles in the sports industry. With the sports management certificate, a student completes a program that includes courses in pertinent fields. Usually, it involves classes in accounting, marketing, management, economics, and even computer applications. In some sport management courses, the students focus on the business aspects of sport such as facility management, sport law, and sport finance.

Those with sports management certificates have varied job responsibilities. It all depends on the type of organization, area of the sport industry, as well as level of management they are tasked with. What all these responsibilities have in common is the business aspects of sport. The work typically involves 50 to 60 hours of work each week and often, includes night and weekend shift.

The duties of sports management certificate graduates may involve working in corporations to promote special events and look for sponsorships. It may also include the accounting, ticketing, and overall financial operations of a sporting event. Sports management courses graduates also have the additional responsibilities of developing a risk management plan for legal issues that may come up as well as handling the sport broadcasting and media relations of the event.

The career field of sports management courses graduates is extremely competitive. A majority of jobs will require internships aside from the sports management certificates. The purpose of this is to gain a hands-on experience in the industry. Most sports management courses already incorporate an undergraduate practicum. These academic credit hours offer the opportunity to network and learn from professionals in the field.

Sports management courses graduates often have a beginning salary that ranges from $18,000 to $25,000 in the United States. For those with a sports management certificate, sporting goods jobs are often made up of a basic salary plus commissions from sales. There is a huge opportunity to advance within the professional community. A report by Team Marketing Report stated that a vice-president of marketing at the major league level earns a minimum of $114,444 while a director of marketing in the major league level is compensated at a minimum of $76,785.

Someone who has earned a sports management certificate also has other benefits aside from financial compensation. Many go into sports management courses for the opportunity to work with people who share a common love of sports. Sports management courses also provide an enjoyable work setting. The health and wellness benefits are usually better in this field compared to other jobs.

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